Alumni Questionnaire TEP/TEPE Faculty of Engineering

ทดสอบตัววิ่ง ข้อความ ข้อความ
Name Surname
Postal address for mail: PR brochures and other news useful to yourself.
Home Address Soi Road
District Zone Province
Zip code Mobile no. Email no.
Personal data
Part 1; General information questions
1. Gender 1.Male 2.Female
2. Age Year
3. ID Number
4. You studied in Bachelor of Engineering course
  1.Regular program
  2.TEP program
  3.TEPE program
5. The average cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of graduation. Major
6. Your/Work education after graduation from Thammasat University.์
  2.Education level
    2.1 Master's degree 2.2 Doctorate  
    1.In Thailand 2.Abroad  
  3.Looking for work
  4.Preparing for further studies
  5.Other: please specify
7. You had a job upon graduation
  1.Job immediately after graduation
  2.Job within 1 month after graduation
  3.Job 2 - 3 months after graduation
  4.Job 4 - 5 months after graduation
  5.Job 6 months after graduation
8. Jobs
  1.Official, Police and Armed Forces
  2.Private employees
  3.State enterprise employees
  5.Other : please specify
9. Position at work
  7.Other : please specify
10. Salary to work at first
  Lower than 7,630 baht 7,631 to 10,000 baht
  10,001 to 13,000 baht 13,001 to 16,000 baht
  16,001 to 18,000 baht 18,001 to 25,000 baht
  25,001 to 30,000 baht More than 30,000 baht
11. Work same as the graduate disciplines
  Similar Not similar
12. To what extent do you think that the knowledge you gained from the Faculty of Engineering. Thammasat University was enough for your work
  80% or more   60 to 79%
40 to 59%
  20 to 39% Less than 20%
Faculty wishes to record graduates employment data to explore the satisfaction of employers in curriculum development for the benefit of the Faculty of Engineering. Thammasat University as follows;
  Job position
  Name, agency work
  Department name
Location no Soi Road
District Zone Province
Zip code Mobile Website
Part 2 Feedback comments on the Bachelor of Engineering course
1. Suggestions for improvement
2. Suggestions regarding problems / obstacles